School Management Body 2017-18

Mr. Nandgopal Vaidya Mr. Nandgopal Vaidya Chairman T.M.E.E.T.
Mr. Ravindra Pethe Mr. Ravindra Pethe Treasurer T.M.E.E.T
Mr. Romesh Kachroo Mr. Romesh Kachroo Chairman Sch Comm & Member, T.M.E.E.T.
Mrs. Anuradha Das Mrs. Anuradha Das Member T.M.E.E.T.
Dr. A. S. Kale Dr. A. S. Kale Member T.M.E.E.T.
Mr. Kuldeepsinh Garud Mr. Kuldeepsinh Garud Member T.M.E.E.T.
Mr. Shivram Krishnan Mr. Shivram Krishnan Member T.M.E.E.T.
Mr. Mahendra Kadam Mr. Mahendra Kadam Member T.M.E.E.T
Mr. Uttam Patil Mr. Uttam Patil Member T.M.E.E.T.
Mr. Padmakar Kulkarni Mr. Padmakar Kulkarni Member, T.M.E.E.T

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Contact Info

Tata Motors Employees` Education Trust, Opp. TATA Motors Pimpri Pune.

Contact :
8446006276 / 8446006273